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                                                                                 BEE REAL ESTATE
                                                                  Excellent Service and Land Parcels Since 2007

Welcome to BEE Real Estate! Please feel free to browse all the above available parcels, teleport there by clicking the name of the SIM, rez your buildings to see if they fit, and click the info boards on land to see all the details about them! Of course, beethros Karas[1] will always be there to set you up and help you with all you need to know about it! Please feel free as well to Teleport to our HQ Office[2]and ask all you need. Enjoy Browsing! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                            *** PRIVATE LAND PARCELS - NO RULES - FULL PERMISSIONS***
                                                                                ***SINCE 2007***


                                                                            *** A V A I L A B L E ***
                                                                            Pay 4 weeks get a discount

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 512m - 117 prims - L$199/w Grass Valley at Glenmore (10%) 512m - 117 prims - L$199/w Golden Sands at Baltazar (10%) 1024m - 234 prims - L$299/w Grass Valley at Clay (10%) 1024m - 234 prims - L$299/w Golden Sand at Baltazar (10%) 2176m - 498 prims - L$599/w Waterland at Carbonel (10%) 4080m - 933 prims - L$1,199/w Grass at Frontenac (5%) 5120m - 1171 prims - L$1,499/w Water at Skibbereen (5%) 16384m - 3750 prims - L$4,199/w Grass Valley at Napf (These are examples - maybe not available right now) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                           5 Star Service means: We respond ASAP and we do all you want us to do!
                                                         We offer FULL PERMISSION Rentals, means: You can do everything SL provides!

With few words: Re-Rent the parcel, Run a Club, make a Store, have Breedables, be good, be bad, be You! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                             This is what you can do by renting a parcel from BEE Real Estate:

(Change parcel name, change music, change media, change picture, change parcel description, Set Landing Point and Set Teleport Routine, Return group objects, Return any object, Deed objects, Manipulate and move-edit group owned objects, set group owned objects for sale, Send Notices, receive Notices, Send Group chat, Moderate group chat, subdivide the parcel, Join the subdivided parcels again, terraform the parcel, Schedule events, Toggle edit terrain, Toggle Show place in search and set category, add roles, remove roles, Change Role names, Change Role Descriptions, Assign members to Assigner's Roles, Invite people to the group, remove people from the Group, Toggle Open Enrollment and change Enrollment fee, Change Nametags to the Group - Include Owners nametag, select who's flying, who's speaking, who's rezzing, who's using gestures, who's using scripts, who's damaging avatars, who's edit terrain, who's scheduling an event, Who's creating Landmark, who's setting home to here, Freeze people, Eject people, Ban people, add people to white parcel list, add people to parcels black list, Sell passes, Landscaping using LL Plants) Optional: Pay L$30 per week and we add your parcel to be shown in SL Search Engines. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                              MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
                                                                                 WE REFUND 100%
                                                              IN CASE YOU DIDNT LIKE WHAT YOU GOT WITHIN 24 HOURS


For further information, please call beethros Karas anytime! ---> [3] Teleport to our Head Quarters at ---> The Mall Street [4] Watch: (The Mall Street Video) [5] More Available --> here [6] Hope to see you moving with us soon, For BEE REAL ESTATE

beethros Karas