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Welcome to 『 Batsu閥 』 on Second Life

Each of 「Batsu閥」's items are hand crafted by a Professional Graphic Designer and Artist of Twelve Years and counting, giving you realism and quality at affordable prices. 「Batsu閥」is constantly growing and updating too, so join the group to keep up to date with New Releases, Product Updates, Sales and Free Gifts. Just paste this into your browser: secondlife:///app/group/dbd04ea9-e4b2-2364-2539-ade557432886/about (L$0 To Join!)

Yes, 「Batsu閥」 will do custom Skins, Shapes, and Tattoos. Just send a notecard to Warumono.Mode with what you had in mind.

閥 Marketplace Store:

悪者 - Warumono.Mode 「Batsu閥」Owner