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Avatar Social Network, Second Life's fastest growing social media website [1]

You can effectively promote your business by using this website's powerful social media tools for free or even order banner ads for competitive prices.

Avatar Social Network is the very first Virtual Worlds related social media that is giving back to it's community by rewarding it's members.

      • How to promote your business for free?

Signing up and becoming a member of Avatar Social Network is free and will provide you powerful tools under your fingertip to promote your store and connect with others.

Free promotion tools:

- Main Feed where just like on Facebook or Twitter you can post and share messages, photos, links, etc. to a similar interest community. - Pages where just like on Facebook you can create your store's independent page and promote your work, build your followers with Likes. - Contests where you can create Photo, Video or Blog contest for members to compete for prizes you set and offer. - Groups where you can build a community and keep members up to date. - Blog where you can post blog articles about your store and products.

There are other features too for connecting and sharing photos, videos or playing games.

      • How to order Banner Ads?

Avatar Social Network also offers Banner Ads which is the most effective way to keep awareness about your business and get more attention in a well targeted Second Life and virtual world community. Offers several different packages.

Once you sign up you can click on any ads to Create Ad, choose a package and easily set up your advertisement which then you can edit anytime monitor continuously for it's performance.

If you have any questions about the website, it's features or Banner Ads offers please feel free to contact by using one of the emails below.

support@asnemail.com advertise@asnemail.com