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In your life, be that real or Second Life, you want to surround yourself with trees and plants. But in SL, you want to have them both low on prims and yet look beautiful.

AP offers hundreds of trees and shrubs in one location, uses the best quality and detailed textures, that are only one prim each, copyable, modifiable, and they will make your land or home look truly alive.

For only 55L, you can populate your place, even make a forest by creating copies of each tree or shrub.

Visit Arkad’s Products Home & Garden and take a walk around in the greatest tree selection in Second Life.

At AP you can also find many other products like interior, outdoor home decor, art, jewelry and much more.

Both inworld and on the Marketplace over 1000 items waiting for you to shop from.

My name is Arkad Baxton CEO of AP (ARK)

AP carries a wide selection of products, about 1000 marketed items. To see them please visit the Marketplace here:

or visit our Home & Garden platform here:

If you are interested investing in our company or become an affiliate, contact me.

If you have any questions, comments about our businesses, investments or products please im me inworld or send email to All ims and emails will be answered.