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Welcome to Angel's Flight - your home for some of the most beautiful and affordable wings in Second Life!

We offer wings for those who follow both Above and below, the Angels and Demons, the Fae and Pixie, for large avi's to little tiny palm-sized avi's.

Wings are commanded though channels but are scripted to open and flap when flying (sometimes with ambient sound!) and then fold back after you land. You can open them manually whenever you'd like as well.

Special orders are always welcome and we'll accommodate you as best as we can - just ask and let's get you in the air! Speaking of which, each pair of Angel's Flight wings also comes with a free flight feather so you don't have to worry about the 200m height limit - you could rise up kilometers if you'd like! (also helps to fly if you're on a skybox platform high up in the air)

Our Main store can be found inworld at RavenStar in Loorm: [1] Or you can come to our other locations at Witch's Island: [2] or the Raven's Claw Gowers Village Marketplace:[3]

Gift Cards are available and our Main Store also features a holo-vendor so you may see the actual size of our various wings!

Questions? We're more than happy to help you! Simply contact Taltos Luxor inworld, or email

Angel's Flight Wings - the Heavens Await You!!