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About ASIX Corporation

ASIX Corporation was made by Timmy Bulmer on February 10th, 2012, originally under the name [BULMERBUILDS]. It was originally focused towards buildings for (but not limited to) the Second Life Roleplay Community. However, a few months after the launch of [BULMERBUILDS], the company decided to start making items rather than building structures. On July 10th, the company was renamed to fit better with upcoming products that were going to be released. In July of 2012, the first product was released under the name of ASIX. A few months later, ASIX bought a full region for various purposes such as product development, events, stores, and more. After owning the region for about a month, ASIX Corporation cleaned up their items and left the region due to problems with neighbors in nearby connecting regions. In 2013, ASIX released several mesh products within the first months of the year. As of June 2013, ASIX currently sells items varying from fire stations to mesh water coolers, and is currently developing various other items. ASIX Corporation hopes to purchase a new region in the near future.

CasperTech's Involvement in ASIX Corporation

ASIX Corporation has been using CasperTech Products since it was founded on February 10th, 2012. CasperVend has made selling products so much easier and efficient. It does help that it's user support group is open and everyone in it is friendly, and you can always find the answer that you need. From listing products, to checking sales statistics, to sending updates or messages that there's an update available for a product, CasperTech has been easy to use, and is by far the best to use.

Affiliate Vendors/Reseller Vendors

At the time of writing (Feb. 23rd, 2014), ASIX Corporation is no longer accepting applications for resellers.


For a list of locations, please view our locations directory on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy your products?
A: You can purchase our products from our Marketplace Storefront, an in-world store owned by ASIX, or one of ASIX's reseller's stores.

Q: Hi, I bought ____ on the account ____ and want it on my other account, ____. Can you transfer it to that account for me?
A: No. We do not transfer purchases from one account to the other, as it's not possible to prove if the account is actually owned by the same person or not.

Q: I accidentally bought the same product from you twice! What should I do?!
A: Contact Timmy Bulmer directly in-world.

Q: Can I have ___ free/modifiable/full perm?
A: Products are only sold with the advertised permissions and prices. Do not ask for cheaper or free products, full perm products, etc etc.

Q: I want to make my own building, or want to modify one of yours, and want to use one or more of the textures you used. Can you give it to me?
A: No.

Q: Do you have a website?
A: Yes. The ASIX Corporation Website has product documentation, a status blog and more.

Q: Can I work for you? A: No. ASIX Corporation isn't hiring, sorry.

Contact Us & More

If you need support, want to contact us, or just want to know more about ASIX Corporation, feel free to...

• Visit our website
• Message Timmy Bulmer in-world for more information.
Buy our products