3rd Eye Perceptions

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3rd Eye Perceptions
Main StoreNautilus - Himilco

3rd eye perceptions is a secondlife store for your beast avatars and pagan/enchanted decor.

we are accepting custom orders wether you have a beast avatar you want a line of products ready for release. Or your looking for that perfect enchanted decor for your land or home. The 3rd eye team prides themselfs on fast affordable custom work with the highest quality.

wether your looking for ancient stone ruins, lycan & minotaur sex furniture. Or just want that gorgeous wall art. 3rd eye perceptions the shop to come see.

Stop by our inworld location and enjoy our demo rez vendors. try all our animations and bed menus first hand.

here... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus%20-%20Himilco/49/47/358

Or check out our secondlife market place with over 1,000 items for sale and 84 pages to explore

here... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/117182

we also offer a long line of breedable pet habitats and pets which include meeroos, fennux, abc horses and many more.

Please never hesitate to contact the owner of 3rd eye perceptions dravenrose is happy to answer any questions and take in any of your custom build needs

may we create your secondlife dreams into reality!