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Welcome to Spinner!

Spinner helps you make awesome, funky rotational arrangements with prims. It can be used to make skirts, flowers, buildings, anything which is round in nature!

Here's how to use it:

1. First, rez the spinner on the ground

2. Decide how many objects you want to rez, and type /300 number (for example, /300 24 will rez 24 objects)

3. Touch the spinner and click "Rez"

Once rezzing is complete, you can:

   - Adjust the prim - change the colour, size, position, rotation of one of the prims which was rezzed in a circle (NOT the base tool).. once you've made the adjustments, simply touch the object to duplicate the effect over all prims. When moving the prims, be aware that the position will be relative to the prim's previous position!  Unexpected (but cool) results may occur if you move the prim left or right, since you're effectively changing the order of the prim in the circle.
   - Adjust the axis - just move and rotate the spinner, touch it and click "update root" to see all the objects move back into alignment with it
   - Add more objects or remove some - just type /300 number again    
   - Freeze the objects in place, removing the scripts - touch the axis and click "Freeze"    
   - Delete the objects - touch the axis and click "Clean"

You can also rez your own objects instead of the prim included! You need to rename the object to "SpinnerPrim", put the included SpinnerPrim script inside it, and then replace the existing object inside the spinner. Be aware that you will only be able to perform position and rotation changes on a multi prim linkset, without damaging it.

Thanks for buying Spinner!