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Vendors for all third party CasperLet expansions listed here may be viewed inworld at the CasperTech Creator Showcase

Get Your Stuff Listed Here

Want to see your CasperTech product compatible third party add-on listed here?

Send Casper a vendor for it! Send him a message using the webform procedure to arrange a time to send him the vendor.

CasperLet Third Party Add-Ons

Security Orbs

  • Conover Land Orb by Thomas Conover (documentation)
    NOTE: If you have trouble with the Conover orb constantly resetting every time you click the rental unit, follow the proper instructions for the rental unit's description field, as outlined here.

Door scripts

  • Bel's Menu Door CL by RenateIsabella Resident (aka ChinRey Resident)
  • Kool RP Door by Kool Mekanic
  • Kool Server for CasperLet by Kool Mekanic

Rent Meters

  • Nemi's Modern Rent Meter by Nemirel345 Resident

CasperVend Third Party Add-Ons

Vendor Expansions

  • Retro Legacy Vendors by Sphynx Soleil
  • estatica Mesh Vendors by estatica Resident
  • Jessis Mesh Stand Vendors by Kochloeffel Pfeffer
  • *R* Mesh Vendors by Venompapa Resident
  • SA AniVend Animation Vendors by Selina Anatra
  • Mesh Agency vendors and gift card Expiration Date script by MeshAgency Resident
  • Jessis Mesh LED club style vendors by Kochloeffel Pfeffer
  • Text/Price Vendor for CasperVend by Michelle011997 Resident
  • Vendors for CasperVend by Liliana Darwinian

Non-Vendor Expansions

  • Retro Legacy DIY Instructions by Sphynx Soleil (requires CasperVend 1.51 or earlier)
  • SNKK Price Display by Tokeli Zabelin
  • World of War Mesh Name & Pricetag Addon
  • Datacenter Server Rack by Sphynx Soleil
  • CasperVend DropBox Makeover Kit by Oct Oyen
  • Redelivery Terminals by Liliana Darwinian

Other Third Party Add-ons

  • Horizons holodeck system by Cheshyr Ponchartrain