Thunderchild Gallery Workshop

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Thunderchild Gallery Workshop

Thunderchild Gallery Workshop Logo

I am the Artist AJ Leibengeist @ I am Thunderchild Allen in SL and somebody else in RL.

AJ Leibengeist aka Thunderchild Allen

On 4/20/2020, the “Thunderchild Gallery Workshop” (TCGWS) became a virtual reality for me. I decided to go full blown on an gallery and workshop project in place of my RL gallery shows, which had taken a dive with everybody else's. The project swelled to multiple regions then scaled back to two.

The basic goal is to build a space and community for RL (real life) & SL (second life) artists learning and supporting each other. The mission statements are as follows.

To Provide an affordable and supportive exploration space for new & seasoned SL Residents in general. To Provide a living space for new and seasoned artists for learning and working as artists in the RL/SL environment. To provide tenants, group members and 3rd parties an affordable display and event space as in-World artists and performers. To build an SL community of RL artists and performers providing mutual support and learning across both Worlds.

Project wise, I am still in the construction phase for the sites with a planed turnover in November 2020. Then I'll begin a mesh conversion on builds.

TCGWS aims to provide resources to enable in-world sales space and support. Office space with work and meeting spaces. Resources include the following Spacious small and large loft buildings for single or shared tenancy. Subletting with approval. A large art boardwalk span the area and is available for artwork displays and sales for tenants and group members. Rent includes display space on boardwalk, grounds and stores plus vending services and help with SL Marketplace. Rent include the shared prim allowance for the parcel. Sky sandboxes (4,096, 8,192, & 16,384 SqMtr) use with no refresh times. Artist's Store for sales space. Grounds are available for hosted events and parties for tenants and group members. Multiple hot air balloon that can be auto tour or manually operated for ground or air gallery shows. A Total of five condo and loft buildings for nineteen (19) total resident living spaces. Mid-size warehouses (900 SqMtr) available for games, lease or events. Working pool tables and board games areas. Parcel music stream available for use. Library available at on-site media terminals, Land TVs, Land Cinema TVs and from the Internet. There is a public road in both regions for driving, riding, and sporting other moving objects or vehicles. We participate in the Linden Gold Hunters games to promote traffic.

The Covenant is maintained online at

You can contact AJ Leibengeist in either world for information or ideas.