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Rental Payment Notes

Minimum Tenancy

Minimum tenancy specifies the minimum paid time that must be on the unit after funds are paid.

Minimum tenancy is not minimum payment.

If a unit is in arrears, then the arrears PLUS the minimum tenancy must be paid.

Monthly Rates

WHEN a payment is made on a monthly setting, the system counts the days in the month that the payment is made, and adds THAT month's worth of days.

For example: Payment in February results in 28 days added, because February (usually) has 28 days. Payments in March will add 31 days, because March has 31 days. For some customers, this will result in an unexpected amount (more or less than expected) added to their rental after payment.

So if you set a per-month rental rate, you need to be aware that not all months are 30 days. Rental rates will be pro-rated up or down depending on the actual length of the month in question, at the time of payment. Remember that a week is always a week, a day is always a day, but a calendar month can have as few as 28 days, or as many as 31 days.

Rental Refunds

Rental Evicted/Refunded, Customer Never Received Funds

Usually this happens when you try to refund via the website rather than the inworld unit. If the unit is "out of contact" (the HTTP-IN website-to-rental-unit communications are sometimes "flakey") then refunds issued via the website will fail. (This is due to the same HTTP-IN problem that necessitated the creation of the event vendor script.)

Verify that the customer is no longer listed on the rental unit both inworld and on the website, then issue the refund manually - as in, pay the customer directly.

It is recommended that you issue all refunds via the inworld units only to prevent this problem.

Rental Payment Issues

Update to CasperLet 1.4x or higher!

CasperLet version 1.40 has even more transaction tracking improvements - please update ASAP to continue receiving support! As of June 2017, anything older' than 1.40 will no longer be supported!

Recorded on website, not inworld

If rental payment updated properly on the website, then use RESET from the popup menu on the meter inworld to force the meter to pick up the data.

Recorded on website AND meter, but no texture change

You removed the "m@" or "box@" from the description field. Add these back in, as outlined here then click the meter and use "reset" from the popup to force it to pick up the data.

Received money, but unit AND website never updated

Add the time manually to the unit via the website.

Rent Paid, But (Some or All) Money (Refunded or Never Arrived)

Things to check:

  1. Did you set a discount for being paid x-amount of time in advance?
  2. Did you set profit sharing?
  3. Do you have fixed payments set, AND the person paying paid a non-fixed amount (such as when trying to pay a back balance prior to eviction)?
  4. Were they trying to pay over the maximum rental time?

Rent Paid, But in "Pending" status

Per Casper:

(A) When a rental unit is paid, the money goes to the owner immediately.
(B) When the person paying is not the current tenant, they will be sent a confirmation popup.
(C) This is the "pending" stage, where the money is still with the system owner while waiting for the person paying to respond.
(D) If the person paying does not respond, the system will remind them every 60 seconds or so.
(E) The confirmation process should time out after about 10 minutes if there is no response.

(Awaiting further information from Casper to complete this.)

"Currently Suspended and Cannot Complete"

You will receive a message like this:

  The object 'CasperLet' has sent you a message from Second Life: 
  One of your transactions is currently suspended and cannot complete because 
  'Couldn't reset the rental unit. Will try again soon.'. Please rectify the situation. (transaction payment and UUID)

Under normal conditions:

  1. Click the link in that message
  2. At the top will be Rental unit location: followed by a SLURL
  3. Use that SLURL to arrive at the proper unit
  4. Click the unit
  5. Get the popup menu
  6. Use "Reset"
  7. Transaction should then process

If you have reset the unit and are still getting the message, then one of two things is happening:

  1. Either you aren't at the correct unit (the SLURL will be on the transaction page, and is NOT USUALLY the unit sending you the message!)
  2. Or you manually (Edit -> Delete) deleted the original unit and replaced with a new one (in which case the ONLY thing you can do is wait it out.)

DO NOT delete units which currently have pending transactions, and DO NOT delete any units during any downtime!