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Landlord Provides Builds for Tenants

Examples of such rental types are as follows:

  • Residential: Prefab house structures with prim/land impact allowance
  • Commercial: Breedable/Gacha rentals
  • Commercial: Shopping mall, event, roleplay sim/region or club store rentals
  • Commercial: Storage locker rentals

In All Cases You Will Need

If you want security and/or visitor tracking

You will also need: CasperSafe

If you want automatic group invites

You will also need: A bot for your group - Smartbots is the simplest to set up for new users.

If you want a kiosk for your customers

You will also need: Web Kiosk Expansion

Additional and/or Different Rental Sizes

I need more than one with these settings, now what?

  • Rez the unit out that you just picked up.
  • Rez as many more copies as you need to handle the rentals at that rental size.

But I have different sizes of rentals in my business!

Then you will need to repeat this process with ONE (1) unit, PER rental size you plan to have.
For example, if a shopping mall has 3 different rentals (such as 2 sizes of shops and 1 size of mall cart), you will be repeating the unit setup process a total of 3 times, with one unit each time, and then copying that unit to all the other rentals of that size.