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Random notes

Instance copying for sims: Event vendors are *expected* to work, regular vendors are *not* expected to work

My Business Page

My entry in the business directory

Pullquote boxes

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CasperLet "2.0"

Rental Kiosks
Rental Groups
Rental Profiles
Rental Vendors

Moar Work in Progress

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Test Partnership
My code snippet testing page
CL Setup Reno
CasperLet - Units (bulk) Settings
CasperLet - Individual Unit Settings
CL Options Page

CV Statistics

Manage Land


CorradeBot setup page
Empty reno
Empty reno
Empty reno
List of translated pages (to fix when Casper gets the auto-linker widget coded to link to the translations)

reworking of dropbox storage page

CasperPanel Passwords

IF a multivend is set to advance every 60 seconds, customers should never right-click - LSL has no way of knowing that it's been right-clicked, so thus does not know to stop the auto-advance cycle.

Useful Links

DGP4SL - Updating MP via VMM
Sandbox page for testing
Ruthven's page with API scripts