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All known locations (according to Second Life search) for server storage are shown here. These are locations specifically set up as additional hosting for DropBoxes and other servers, rather than residential or commercial rentals. Rates listed may not reflect recently updated rates - check for current rate cards or other current information inworld before renting.

Business Info Pic / Logo Rack Options Information
Cabria Data Center
Myles Capalini

Location: Cabria Village
Restart Day:
Tuesday (Main Server)

Cabria Data Center.jpg
1 prim: 16 L$ per 4 weeks
2 prim: 32 L$ per 4 weeks
4 prim: 56 L$ per 4 weeks

Group invite: Automatic

New kid on the block, with low introductory competitive pricing, a small center on a no-lag private region (mostly residential, and very low traffic).

Completely automated rental system, Smartbot interface to get you added to the land group for immediate setup. Lots more information when you get there, but if you have questions, please do feel free to IM or NC Myles Capalini (will be notified by e-mail if I am not inworld).

CyberCloud Data Storage
cyberguy4fun Resident

Location: CyberCloud Office
Restart Day:
Tuesday or Wednesday,
depending on location

CyberCloud Data Center.jpg
1 Prim: See rate card
2 prim: See rate card

Group invite: Manual

CyberCloud Data Storage Rentals provides SL Merchants and Vendors a safe and secure dropbox and server storage space at affordable prices.

We offer Data Centres in various SL Regions to mitigate downtime during Sim Restarts and outages.

Rack space available on a per-week, per-month, and per-year basis.

Data storage protected by security orb - contact cyberguy4fun Resident for rental procedure and admission

Data Center Solutions
Structura Finesmith

Location: Bleaberry Tarn
Restart Day:
Wednesday (RC LeTigre)

Data Center Solutions.jpg
5 prim: See rate card
10 prim: See rate card
15 prim: See rate card

Group invite: Manual

Professional data center storage for your rental or vendor server, BSM, CasperVend DropBox, and many more - making YOUR world MORE reliable for your customers!
Freya's DropBox Storage
Norsk Himmel

Location: St Lion
Restart Day:
Wednesday (RC LeTigre)

Freya's Logo.jpg
1 prim: See rate card
2 prim: See rate card
4 prim: See rate card
Custom options available upon request.

Group invite: Automatic

Low cost, long term, storage. Servers, drop boxes etc.

Various rates available - if your requirements are not listed - ask for a quote!

SmartBots inviter - immediate automatic Group invite sent on rental.

Ability to leave the land group. To re-join - simply click the rental box and get a new group invite!

Questions? Contact us InWorld (Drop a Notecard in the postbox or send an IM - postbox and IMs are set to forward to email):

Thanks for your interest! :-)

Lionheart Data Center
Support Form

Location:Lionheart Simba
Restart Day:
Tuesday (Main Server)

8 Prim: 150 L$ per month

Group invite: Manual

Lionheart Data Center is the oldest professional Data Center on the grid, which offers you a permanent and safe place for your:
  • CasperVend DropBoxes
  • Rental Servers
  • Vendor Servers
  • Staff Payment Gateways
  • Inventory Servers

And much more.

We offer the space you need to keep your business up and running even if your main circumstances are changing. Discounts for long term commitments.

[mynt]dc Data Center
MarlaW Resident

Location: Choerom
Restart Day:
Tuesday (Main Server)
Location: Jouppi
Restart Day:
Wednesday (RC LeTigre)
Location: Jonesford Heights (Adult)
Restart Day:
Tuesday (Main Server)

Mynt data center.jpg
1 prim: 20 L$ per 4 weeks
2 prim: 35 L$ per 4 weeks
4 prim: 60 L$ per 4 weeks

Group invite: Automatic

We provide inexpensive, long term server storage and co-location for CasperVend DropBoxes, Magicboxes, etc. Located in a number of low lag mainland sims (and expanding as needed on demand), we ensure high performance server housing space to maximize reliability of your business. Rez'n'Go with instant group invite for immediate access to our racks.

Our pricing is based on the amount of the prims you rezz (a typical CasperLet DropBox has 1 prim)

Nexus IT Services
Support Ticket

Location: Mayfield
Restart Day:
Tuesday (Main Server)

Nexus IT Services.jpg
15 prim: 99 L$ per month

Group invite: Not needed

Nexus, one of the leaders in Gridwide Communications is proud to offer a great service to those looking to host Servers, Dropboxes, and Marketplace Boxes. If you are looking for a long term commitment, or maybe just a month. We offer various plans with the easiest setup.

We take tremendous pride in our services and offer you with the most secure racks, along with the best prices on the grid.

Already a Nexus customer? Your first month is free!