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  • ...'(If their viewer doesn't show the input box in the popup, there will be a message in local chat directing them to type the response on a random channel.) '' == '''<span style="color:#00528c">Gift Box Process</span>''' ==
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  • The initial suggestion description box should have a 1-2 sentence '''general summary''' of the suggestion, without ...s you can think of, either. If you put too much information in the initial box, the suggestion '''will be automatically declined.'''
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  • ...a single box - i.e., box of 50, box of 100, etc. - and vend the container box through a regular vendor that WILL support group discounts. [[File:Quantity_Vend_Pay_Buttons.png|300px|thumb|right|Orange box shows custom amount]]
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  • <li> Up at the top, in the "customer rewards" box, click the "Add New" link</li> <li> Click "Add" - you won't get a message, but the page will refresh and show you the new discount level.</li>
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  • <li>You should see a website message that says "Welcome, <Your Name>.".</li> <li>You should see a website message that says "Welcome, <Your Name>.".</li>
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  • The Rez-Free PREMIUM is completely scriptable, and is compatible out of the box with any third party rezzing system which supports Lex Neva's "Rez Faux". If you simply want to use this box in a rezzing system you bought from someone, you need to ask them how you c
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  • ...of "the previous tenant has disabled reminders". It will also display this message when the tenant has chosen "won't renew" because that setting also disables ...argeted avatar's incoming messages have capped then they won't receive the message.
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  • Our linked message is as follows: You can detect rental events by storing the last message. If the last message was NULL_KEY, and then the next one isn't, it means that someone rented the
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  • * Dialog box crosstalk issue fixed interface - request updates and receive update notifications via linked message.
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  • :# You will be sent a message INWORLD (from a bot, so it will be an actual IM) with a temporary password :# Paste it into the confirmation box on the website
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  • <li>You should see a website message that says "Welcome, <Your Name>.".</li> <li>You should see a website message that says "Welcome, <Your Name>.".</li>
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  • === What's in the box? === Inside the CasperLet crate is a box called:
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  • ...that button and type in your SL avatar name (NOT your display name) in the box and click ok. </li> <li>The website will display a message telling you that an IM was sent to you in local chat. </li>
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  • : You removed the "m@" or "box@" from the description field. Add these back in, '''[[CasperLet/Customisati You will receive a message like this:
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  • ...vendor crates. (In the fatpack crate, this will be in the "premium vendor" box within the fatpack crate.) ...ed "8) Redelivery Link Generator v2.4 for HUDs", and you can send a linked message to it as follows:
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  • # Type your avatar name in the smaller popup box, and click the green "Select" button # Highlight and copy JUST the code from the message
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  • ...main chair background.) Right-click and "Touch" that. You will get a popup box with a configuration URL - click the button to go to the website. :: '''2a.''' If you don't get a popup, check local chat for a message about unmuting yourself. Once you've unmuted yourself, try again.
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  • ...,''' however, allow you to stop a "transaction suspended / reset the unit" message - because that's tied to the unit's UUID, and rerezzing gives it a NEW UUID :# Type SL account name ('''not''' display name) into the box on the next popup
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  • name" (falls Sie den Namen Ihres Avatars kennen) - also haken Sie diese Box an und geben Sie den Namen Ihres SL-Avatars ein (NICHT den Anzeigenamen) un ::: "CasperTech System Message: Hello, [Benutzername]. You (or someone who has your avatar
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  • within a few seconds, and many users don't know that they can check the message stack in the top right (or bottom right, depending on their viewer) to look You need to be able to give your bot avatar the box products in a format that the bot can use to pass on to the customer. This
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  • ..., click "Automatic Notifications (ANS)". You will be taken directly to the box where you enter the ANS URL. || [[File:Ans2.jpg]] ...="padding-left: 1em" | On the right hand side of the page, there will be a box titled "API configuration". Click [Change] next to "Marketplace ANS Key".
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  • : '''6)''' Click "Change" - you'll get a white box you can type a discount into. : '''6)''' Click "Change" - you'll get a white box you can type a price into.
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  • ...u may analyze the transaction log yourself (see below for instructions and message examples.) in the shop to make the purchase when you did that, '''or''' the change message never made it TO the sim (part of the '''[[CasperVend_2/Event_Vendor_Script
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  • ! Options Box | If you change any of the options in this box, you must change ALL to your desired settings - it doesn't "remember" previ
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  • 1. Unpack the box you purchased. You should have two items, "KKFResizerMatv1.x" and "KKF Res ...ssages in local chat. If everything went okay, you should see a comforting message of OK-ness!
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  • '''TOUCH:'''<br />Touch vendors are designed to be used as a simple box. The touch vendors DO use a picture, so space for one is required. of the visible faces. This means that the vendor can be in a "standard" box shape, with customers being able to interact with all sides of the vendor i
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  • ...- you '''cannot''' use symbols. The site may or may not give you an error message, but any '''passcodes with symbols will just not work.''' : 4) Hover over the word "Members" in the box for that group - you'll see a dropdown with options
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  • ...message that the customer receives - so be aware of that when renaming the box. === DropBox Address Message ===
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  • # If the popup has only text and no input box, you clicked the '''wrong''' option! Click "Cancel" and go find the right l ...ects don't always arrive, especially if the staff is mid-teleport when the message is sent.
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  • :::4) Under '''group permissions''' you MUST check/tick the "groups" box, anything else is optional. '''NOTE''': Possibly you'll need to tick all th ...h the error message. <br /> <br />This is a '''sample''' of what the error message popup will say - there will be different errors depending on the configurat
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  • :: d) Tick the box for "Enforce LSL Command Security" :: c) Check the box for "limit LSL commands to above avatar and object
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  • ..., when rezzing out a meter, the scripts will reset - this makes it a "NEW" box, with "NEW" scripts - and NO memory of the permissions and preferences give : '''Q. Does the CasperLet meter or rental box need to be on the same sim or parcel?'''
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  • <li>Haken Sie die Box "I've forgotten by password" ab</li> name" (falls Sie den Namen Ihres Avatars kennen) - also haken Sie diese Box an und geben Sie den Namen Ihres SL-Avatars ein (NICHT den Anzeigenamen) un
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  • : 4) Hover over the phrase "Member count" in the box for that group - you'll see a dropdown with options : 5) On the dropdown box, under "third party access", choose the "Group Security Code" link
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  • * If you do '''NOT''' see '''ANY''' message, you need to try again on land where you can run scripts. Or change your gr * If you get an '''ERROR''' message of some sort, like this:
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  • ...the total prim allowance - when prim consolidation is turned on, then the box compares '''all''' prims belonging to that tenant, anywhere in the sim, and # Tick/check the box for "Share with group".
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  • ...hanges - showing whether a unit is available, rented, etc. - but where the box includes transparency functions, the meter does not because it's designed t CasperLet Rental Box
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  • :# You will NOT see any message in local chat :# Drag from your inventory into the "Egg Builder Bot" box
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  • ...ndor textures. If you have muted yourself, you won't get a debit window or message either.) ...I'm going to try again in 2 minutes (or touch to try again now)"''</span> message and the vendor won't start up...
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  • The Rez2 anchor object has only ONE face. You cannot re-texture just the box portion without also re-texturing the arrows at the same time. : 7. You will get the following message in local chat:
    26 KB (4,197 words) - 15:57, 15 December 2020
  • : 7. You will get the following message in local chat: ...and select "Terraform" from the popup menu. In local chat you will get the message: '''''Build will now lower land when appropriate.''''' This means the optio
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  • ...ature List]]''' and find out '''[[CasperVend_2/Introduction | Whats in the Box]]''', in addition to the instructions below. If these instructions are too ...duct, whether intentional or accidental, the transaction log will show the message:
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  • ...turn. There is no ETA for this process at this time. If you still see this message, there is no update yet. :* SIMPLICITY - The front page of PrimBay is simple. Just a search box. Find what you need, quickly and easily
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  • <li>Click the logo area in the bottom left. You'll get a popup box with the configuration URL. </li> <li> Take the vendor, box it up and either sell it or pass it out. All done!</li>
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  • # You'll be sent a URL in a popup box, and in local chat. :* There may be an avatar too close to the bounding box of one or more of the prims in a linkset.
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  • CasperLet - this means less chance of your renters missing the scripted message in local chat. ...lso be configured to clear a parcel when a tenant is evicted from a rental box and ejected from your rental group. Use this feature with caution, however
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  • Currently, the Event Vendor script is now in its own sub-box within the vendor crate: ...y falls apart and can no longer be used, with every request failing with a message like so:
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  • ...u rez 100 objects at the same time, you may still get more than one dialog box. In the "API Configuration" box, you should see a line which reads "Full API Key".
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  • = <span style="color:#00528c">'''What's in the Box?'''</span> = ...cause the available memory to decrease, and it will give you a local chat message indicating how much memory is left. Once the available memory gets below a
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  • * If customers get refunded quickly with a message telling them to try again, they're almost always happy to do so - they have * We've removed support for the Jack-In-The-Box rezzer from the holovend (anyone currently using it is fine, the existing J
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