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In 2020, Linden Lab "uplifted" all the Second Life regions to the "AWS cloud", and the Linden Lab datacenter(s) were shut down by Mid-December of 2020.
As we already know, all CasperTech vendors, rental units and DropBoxes have "traces", or "ghosts" on the system when they are rezzed because they "phone home" to say "here I am!"

The Problem

The CasperTech databases still retain "records" of vendors, rental units AND dropboxes that were rezzed out on the OLD Linden Lab addresses (from their physical datacenter.)
Any of these items that have NOT "phoned home" since the Uplift (such as anything that has been Edit > Deleted inworld, but without a clean up bee run afterward) still has traces/"ghosts" in the system.
(And as you might have guessed, there's a lot!)

What This Means For You

Any items which have not been able to "phone home" WILL result in delays of 60 seconds PER ITEM that has had THAT profile being edited.
If you are adding a NEW product to your vendors, or even just EDITING an older one, this means there will be a delay while ALL of your vendors are pinged (because the default is to notify all vendors in the default profile, which means it can and will appear on any vendor that is NOT set to a specific profile.)
This delay is because the system is trying to contact the old items at a web address that no longer exists.
The good news is delays for YOU are only dependent on how many of YOUR items are "ghosted".
(If you want to remove your items from the "default" everything profile, there's instructions on how to do that over here)

Missing Textures on Website

They're not actually missing - they'll appear on the vendors inworld without a problem, even if they're not showing up on the website yet.
Make sure you follow the instructions in section called "The Fix" below.

Can't create new products (can edit old just fine)

You may have been good about making sure your products aren't in the "default" everything profile, but if you haven't been rigorous about running about running an upgradebee on every region you've rezzed - and then deleted - vendors on, then those "ghosts" are still in the system.
Make sure you follow the instructions in the section called "The Fix" below.

The Fix

Run the appropriate UpgradeBee on "Check All" on each region where you have had vendors, dropboxes and/or rental units rezzed out in the past.
If you no longer have rez rights, you can WEAR the UpgradeBee, fly up to over 200m, click and use the "check all" function that way.
This must be done on EVERY region you've had a CasperVend (or CasperLet) item rezzed out on in the past.
Until this is done, when you go to make updates to your stuff, the system will ALSO be checking the old URL's, and they will have an apx 60 second timeout PER ITEM that hasn't "phoned home" already (been clicked on or used.)