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Manage and track your issued cards

The Version 3 gift card system introduces a revolutionary level of tracking to help you keep an eye on your gift card network.

First of all, we'll explain some core terminology so that you can work with these tools effectively:

Gift card terminology
Issue Every time you "issue" a gift card with the "set issue" command, it creates a new issue. When customers wear the card, it takes the values from the Issue to create a Card.
Activation An activation happens the first time a customer wears a gift card.
Card A card is an activated gift card which was based on an issue that you made.
Transaction A transaction is a sale through your vendors. When you (or your customers) pay a vendor, a Transaction URL is generated, and this URL provides information about any gift cards used, if applicable.
Pending Credit A "pending credit" is an amount of money which is credited to a customer's account, but hasn't yet been applied to a gift card (this usually happens in Manual mode). It will be applied to a gift card the next time the customer wears one.