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Manage and track your issued cards

The Version 3 gift card system introduces a revolutionary level of tracking to help you keep an eye on your gift card network.

First of all, we'll explain some core terminology so that you can work with these tools effectively:

Gift card terminology
Issue Every time you "issue" a gift card with the "set issue" command, it creates a new issue. When customers wear the card, it takes the values from the Issue to create a Card.
Activation An activation happens the first time a customer wears a gift card.
Card A card is an activated gift card which was based on an issue that you made.
Transaction A transaction is a sale through your vendors. When you (or your customers) pay a vendor, a Transaction URL is generated, and this URL provides information about any gift cards used, if applicable.
Pending Credit A "pending credit" is an amount of money which is credited to a customer's account, but hasn't yet been applied to a gift card (this usually happens in Manual mode). It will be applied to a gift card the next time the customer wears one.
History Every time a card is issued, activated, worn, topped-up, credited, or used for a purchase, we store a log of that event. This is the gift card history, and as a merchant, you can see all this information, by searching for an avatar or clicking a link on one of their transactions.

The CasperVend Website

The primary way to track your gift cards is via the CasperVend control panel. You should be familiar with this already from setting up your CasperVend system, so we won't cover how to access or log into that from here.

Click the "Gift cards" tab on the left hand side of the page.

Issue view

The first thing you will see is a list of your gift card "Issues". If you've only just issued your first card, you'll probably see only a single entry here.

The page shows some useful information about each issue:

Issue ID The unique identifier for this issue. Think of it like a name or label.
Issue Time The date and time that you created the issue.
Card Name The name of the gift card at the time you issued the card (this is why we asked you to rename the card before you issued it)
Mode Either "Balance" for balance mode, or "Product" for product mode. If you use the Modern distribution method, this will always be Balance.
Balance The L$ balance on the card. If you use the Modern distribution method, this will be L$0 since the credit is applied after the card is activated.
Activations The number of cards that have been activated from this issue.
Blocked This allows you to block an ENTIRE ISSUE of gift cards, which is useful if you made a mistake or if you no longer wish them to be used. You can unblock them at any time.
View Activations This will take you to Cards view below, and display all the Cards which have been activated from this issue.

Cards view

After you click "View Activations" next to an issue, you'll be taken to the Cards view. This is a list of gift cards which have been activated from the issue you selected.

Card ID The unique identifier for this gift card. Think of it like a name or label.
Activated By The avatar that wore the card to activate it (usually the customer that bought the card).
Activated Time The date/time that the card was activated.
Current Owner The last known owner of the card. It may be different from the 'Activated By' name if the card has been transferred to another avatar. Please note that this will not update until the new owner wears the card. There's no way for us to know if it's been transferred but not worn.
Balance The current L$ balance on the card.
Blocked This allows you to block this particular gift card.
View History This will take you to History View, which will show you where the card has been and who has used it.