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Info.pngAs of September 1st, 2021; Linden Lab has prohibited all sales using the chance based "Gacha" Style System. Gacha Machines will no longer work from CasperTech.

If you don't have one, you can get our free version - search for CasperVend on the SL Marketplace, or teleport to the CasperTech store inworld

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About the Gacha

Gacha is a random prize machine that you pay into. You receive a prize, which is randomly selected out of the set of items queued for that gacha. The caveat of completing the set is that some of the toys are rarer than others, meaning that usually you have to play the Gacha quite a number of times before you can complete the entire set. You also often get duplicates, which encourages you to trade them amongst friends for other items you are missing.

This expansion requires a working copy of CasperVend to work.

Don't have it yet? Buy it at Casper's shop or on SL Marketplace.

About "Tickets"

"Tickets" in this case is simply a way of saying "the chance to win". This controls the rarity of the prize:

  • Higher number of tickets = more common (easier/more chances to win)
  • Lower number of tickets = Rarer (harder/less chances to win)
Number of tickets does not have to exactly equal 100. You can set one prize with a ticket count of 500, and another with a ticket count of 10.

Even Simpler Explanation

Basically, you're throwing a batch of tickets into a hat. The number of tickets you give an item, equals the number of tickets in the hat.


You need to figure out how many of each "tier" of prize, (rare, uncommon, common, etc.), and then take the total of how often you want one of them to be awarded (10%, 20%, 70%, etc.) and divide the percent amount amongst each tier of item; say you have 5 rares, 5 uncommons, and 10 commons (the actual distribution does not matter). take the 10%, divide by 5, and the rares get 2 tickets apiece. then the 20% by 5 as well, and the uncommons get 4 tickets apiece. finally, 70% by 10, and each common will get 7 tickets.

Total % required for that level, divided by the number of prizes at that level = the ticket value.

Work out the % for each level first, when you add each percentage level together, it should total 100%.

So for 2 rares that need to have a 10% chance, and 10 commons that need a 90% chance, the rares need 5 tickets each (because there's 2), and the commons need 9 tickets each.

Example Formula

As an example, for an average of one win in 20, let's use a pool of 2000 tickets... so 100 of those will be rares. (100 is one 20th of 2000), So that leaves 33 tickets for each rare prize, and 238 tickets for each common - 33 for each rare prize and 238 for each common, will give you a 5% chance of rare

Checking Percentages

If you want to check the percentage it converts to, click the gacha machine and look at the prize list - you'll see the percentages on that web page.

About "Price Points"

Typically a normal gacha machine has a single price point. The customer pays that price, and gets a random object.

CasperVend gacha supports up to FOUR DIFFERENT price points, thus allowing you, the merchant, to have four (4) different gacha machines (with different pricing for each) - in ONE object - with a resulting savings in prim/impact space on the land.

Each of these price points appears in the pre-populated payment amounts in the "Pay" popup that people get when clicking on the gacha machine. These are configured on the gacha's configuration page.

(Please note: Because LSL does not support more than four price points in the "Pay" popup, there cannot be more than four price points.)

Where do I put my items?

You put your gacha items in the dropbox, and set up your product listings, the same as you would with products for the normal vendors.

Setting Up Your Gacha

1) Rez your Gacha! machine.
2) Click anywhere on the Gacha! machine for the touch menu
3) Take the "Admin" option and follow the link to the website. Log in if necessary.
4) Once on the website, you will be at the Gacha! machine configuration page. This will look different from the usual vendor configuration page!
5) To add a price point, click "Edit" on the boldface "Price Point" line.
You will get a popup window to enter the price. If you don't get the popup, make sure javascript is on.
6) Once you've set a price point, add prizes with the "Add another prize" link below the boldface price point line.
7) You will get a popup window with a pulldown to select the prizes you want to include at this price point. It will also ask you for the number of tickets for each prize.
8) If you want to add additional price point(s) use the "Add another price point" link, and repeat the prize adding process described in step 7.
The system will let you have a maximum of FOUR price points. This is to match the limited number of pay buttons on the inworld "Pay" popup. It is not possible within LSL to script more than 4 pay buttons.
9) That's it! Your Gacha is now ready to use!

What Permissions?

Most people fill a gacha with items that are no-copy/transfer to the buyer, but this is not mandatory in order for the gacha to work.

Items may be copy/no-transfer to the buyer, just as easily as no-copy/transfer.

Just remember that YOU need to be able to transfer the items, regardless of what perms the next owner has.

Customising Your Gacha

You may take the Gacha script and put it in a prim of your choosing, instead of using the Gacha machine it ships in.

You do not need to do any special mapping notecard - just copy the script into your preferred object - all configuration and use is via touch/click menu options or by paying the Gacha.

Replacing Your Gacha Shell (New Gacha)

If you have not already set up your CasperVend gacha, but want to change the object first:

  1. Open old gacha and copy contents to inventory
  2. Drop the contents of the old gacha into the new
  3. The new gacha object will ask you for debit permissions
  4. Once granted, the new gacha is ready for setup!

Replacing Your Gacha Shell (When Gacha Already Set Up)

If you have already used a CasperVend gacha script at a gacha event with an event-specific gacha object, and now want to replace that object with one that better matches your store decor, or has less prims:

  1. Open old gacha and copy contents to inventory
  2. Copy the profile code out of the "description" field of the old CasperVend gacha object
  3. Input the profile code into the new gacha's "description" field
  4. THEN drop the contents of the old gacha into the new
  5. The new gacha object will ask you for debit permissions
  6. Once granted, the new gacha is ready for customers!

About the Touch (Popup) Menu Options

Clicking anywhere on the Gacha will get a touch menu. The touch menu will give these options to the customer:

Takes customer to webpage showing pictures of all prizes that are configured for that particular Gacha! machine.
Allows redelivery of COPIABLE items (that you have marked as "copy" in the product listing, and that you have not restricted multiple copies.)
If you have the price point set to L$0, the customer will also see this additional option:
Delivers a random prize out of the list for the L$0 price point. If you have set ALL price point(s) to a number greater than L$0 then you (and your customers) will no longer see the "Deliver" button.

In addition, as the system owner, you will see these additional options:

Takes you to that Gacha! machine's configuration page.
Soft-resets the Gacha machine (You won't get a yellow debit popup.)
Deletes this Gacha! machine. Be certain you absolutely want to delete the machine - this is NOT reversible!

About the Configuration Page Options

On the configuration page, you will see the following options:
Change the vendor name
Lets you change the object name inworld from the default.
Change the display name
This is what shows in your vendor list on the site - not inworld. This helps if you want to search your vendors by specific keywords.
Change the description
Some people choose to put notations in here with the price point(s) so customers can see them if they hover the mouse over it.
You also have a series of checkbox options:
Set the vendor offline
This prevents purchases - useful if you wish to tinker with the setup or randomness of specific prizes.
Restrict the vendor to ONLY group members
The Gacha! machine has to be set to, or rezzed under, the appropriate group in order for this to work.
Disable "prizes" button on touch menu
This prevents people from seeing the page with pictures of the Gacha! prizes, for those people who want to keep the prizes a complete mystery.
Below that you will see clickable links for:
Add another price point
Lets you add more than one price point
Edit next to the boldface Price Point
Lets you edit an existing price point
Add another prize to this price point
Lets you add the Gacha prizes to that specific price point.


Gift cards can be restricted so that only group members can use them - but there is no configuration to allow group discounts.

The only discounts available for the gacha are the loyalty discounts and individual credit balances as set on the "customers" tab in CasperVend.

Cannot Pay with Gift Card

The CasperVend Gift Cards require you to click the vendor in order to select the product (or click "buy" on the popup menu to select the "gift card" option). Because the Gacha does not have a vendor image face like regular vendors, there is no way for the gift card to recognize a product selection.

Cannot Pay with Store Credit

Store credit currently is only accessible by choosing "buy" off the regular vendor's popup menu, then choosing "credit" or "reward points" - the Gacha does NOT have this "buy" menu, so store credit is not an available payment option.

Advanced Configuration Tips

You may disable the prize viewing page by marking the tickbox for "Disable 'Prizes' button on touch menu"
You can disable redeliveries for a particular prize over on the individual product's product listing - use the "Limits" line.
("No Copy" items have redelivery disabled by default.)

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. How many prizes can I put in the gacha?
A. The number of prizes you can have in a gacha is unlimited.
Q. Are copiable prizes won in a Gacha usually available through the standard redelivery terminal or do I need a special one?
A. There is no Gacha-specific redelivery terminal - all redeliveries happen via the regular redelivery terminal.
Q. Do I need to set up each Gacha! machine separately, or can I copy the one I already just set up?
A. You can just "take a copy" and then rez out as many new copies as you like and they'll have the same set up as the original.
Q. I tried adding (one or more) variants to the gacha prize list, but they're not showing up! Help!
A. Double-check the product listings, make sure the listing for the variant is actually there. If it doesn't save properly (such as navigating away before clicking "save" on the product listing) then it won't show to be picked on the Gacha configuration page.
Q. What are "common practices" when setting up a gacha?
A. It has been mentioned that a frequent ratio of commons-to-rares is somewhere around (3-5)-to-1. So for every 3-5 commons, there is often a rare. Mileage may vary - some people never do rares, some people do different levels of rares.