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  • Minor update - The "DISABLE_TEXTURE_CHANGE" notecard will now also prevent the scrolling texture animation from being applied.


  • Fixed a bug where subtenants on an orb linked to a rental unit were permitted to add other sub-admins directly on the orb, which weren't then removed once the tenancy was evicted


  • Eject timer - Fixed a bug causing this setting to actually be limited to 20 seconds rather than 10 seconds.

v1.45r2 - 2022-02-06

  • Enforcer update - Fixed a rare issue where an enforcer might incorrectly ban an avatar after an orb on a different parcel (on the same region) ejected them.
For this bug to take effect, a user would have to have their home set to Parcel A, where Parcel A has a valid and operating Enforcer. They then trespass onto Parcel B, where an orb teleports them home. The enforcer on Parcel A will then hear the ban request from the orb on Parcel B, and because the avatar is present, will issue a ban.
This update ensures that enforcers will only listen to ban requests from orbs on the same parcel.

v1.45 - 2021-01-04

  • Fixed a flaw in v1.44 which prevented "Add to parcel ban list" from working when the orb was able to eject someone by itself

v1.44 - 2021-01-04

  • The orb will now to attempt to eject / teleport home WITHOUT an Enforcer being rezzed, **IF AND ONLY IF** the orb is owned by the parcel owner *OR* the object owner has "eject and freeze Residents on parcels" ability in the group and is online. "Add to parcel ban list" still requires an enforcer.
  • The enforcer version had regressed in the v1.43 crate, this has been fixed.
  • The minimum warning time in normal mode has been reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Avatars are now ejected instantly when the orb is in Lockdown mode.

v1.43 - 2020-03-18

  • Fixed an issue where some users were being spammed with "(??? ???) Is not allowed in the region" after updating to v1.42

v1.42 - 2020-02-25

  • The orb will now warn you if region HTTP is throttled and preventing visitor logging
  • Fixed enforcer not turning black if parcel is owned by avatar and land group is not set to anything
  • Fixed enforcers on the same region with certain options sometimes interfering with each other
  • Fixed the order of punishments applied so that Ban + TP home is always attempted first before ejection

v1.41 - 2017-12-06

  • Fix: Instant eject was misbehaving (not obeying lockdown mode, and completely missing ejects occasionally)
  • Fix: Enforcer security fix, don't respond to group-deeded objects
  • Fix: Enforcer is now more verbose in chat about who it will respond to

v1.40 - 2017-11-12

  • Fix: Floating text (radar) may disappear after a while
  • Fix: Fixed a rare issue that causes the script to crash in very crowded regions
  • Instant eject in lockdown mode is now supported by the orb, but to get access to this feature you'll need to file a support ticket with us.
  • Anonymous statistics are now collected from the region (sim version, release channel, stuff like that) for future display on the website

v1.35 - 2017-09-13

  • Fixed a race condition which caused occasional issues with adding custom areas.

v1.34 - 2017-09-01

  • Fixed an issue where if an avatar enters and leaves without moving, they may remain ghosted under "current visitors"
  • The orb will now complete a full avatar scan after update/reset.

v1.33 - 2017-08-18

  • Updated to latest protocol version to increase security and reduce memory usage.
  • Reverted default behaviour back to send blue intruder alerts to any admins on the region (now optional, see below)
  • New option: "Only send intruder dialog to admins inside area(s)"
  • Fixed an issue where the intruder dialog was being sent repeatedly and no action taken
  • Fixed an issue where "limit detection to current parcel" was not being observed
  • Fixed an issue where the intruder dialog might have been sent multiple times to the same admin

v1.32 - 2017-08-02

  • The orb will now only send the blue dialog intruder alerts to admins who are present in areas covered by the orb (landlord sanity)
  • The orb will delete itself if rezzed by a script. Please do not put orbs into rezzers, it fills our database up with junk.
  • Fixed a typo which prevented orbs from being deleted from the website.
  • Fixed a race condition which could cause a 20 second delay before the orb will boot, when rezzing a new orb.

v1.31 - 2017-07-25

  • Emergency bugfix for v1.30 - fix communications with the enforcer

Revision 2 - 2017-07-29

  • Updated the included IM plugin script to function properly with the new orb

v1.30 - 2017-07-24

  • Upgraded CasperSafe to our most modern communications protocol (CasperDNSv3).
  • CasperSafe now communicates with our newest NVMe servers.
  • Memory usage reduced by 2kb.

v1.21 - 2017-05-31

  • If the orb experiences a crash (which is rare), it contacts us with information on script state. This change adds the version to the reported message to help us fix any issues that occur.

v1.20 - 2017-05-14

  • FIXED: Tenants can remove themselves by using the Clear function under Subadmins.
  • FIXED: Radar sometimes displays incorrectly
  • FIXED: Additional fix against "stuck avatars"
  • FIXED: Some issues with avatars constantly being notified as "entered area"

v1.15 - 2017-04-19

  • Removed control panel URL and replaced with new URL.

v1.14 - 2017-04-18

  • Added some improvements to reduce "stuck avatars" (on the website)

v1.13 - 2017-03-10

  • Fixed an issue with the new Monitor script in v1.12

v1.12 - 2017-03-10

  • Remove "Temp Guests" when evicted
  • Fixed a glitch which can cause the orb to keep cycling in "Downloading configuration" mode
  • In order to address other potential stability issues, we've added a fifth "monitor" script. If one of the other scripts stops functioning, it will reset the orb and report back to us with details. This script will be removed again in a future update, it's only intended for analysis.

v1.11 - 2016-10-25

  • Fixed the radar (floating text) which broke with v1.10

v1.10 - 2016-10-24

IMPORTANT: This version includes an updated Enforcer. This will NOT automatically be updated by the UpgradeBee; you need to rez the update manually.

  • Improved the code in the AreaSelectTool so it is more vigilant about clearing up after itself.
  • Enforcers will now ignore "ban" and "return prims" commands if the avatar is not on the same parcel as them. This is to prevent unintended bans on environments with multiple tenants. If you want to use parcel bans or return prims, make sure you have an enforcer on every parcel your orb covers.
  • We've removed the script memory reporting when an avatar enters an area, because it was often inaccurate (it takes the simulator an unspecified amount of time to calculate this).
  • Script and avatar render cost limits are much more robust now, and are continuously tracked
  • The script usage shown on the visitor tracking page will now be accurate.
  • The "Optional Plugin: Send IMs to staff" plugin has been updated to provide avatar names in IMs.

v1.09 - 2016-10-16

  • FIXED: Erroneous "left area" messages when using Parcel areas on conjoined regions
  • FIXED: Managers weren't being correctly picked up from CasperLet units
  • Tenants of CasperLet units can no longer directly add other sub-admins. Instead, they are directed to add sub-tenants via the rental unit.
  • Guest list is now cleared when tenant is evicted
  • New option: Don't disarm when evicted

v1.08 - 2016-08-19


  • FIXED: If you have an area which includes the zero corner of the sim <0,0,0>, you'll receive an "avatar has left" notification any time someone TPs into the region.
  • FIXED: If you have an area which includes the zero corner of the sim <0,0,0>, and avatars enter this area directly, their visit won't be recorded.
  • FIXED: When an associated rental unit is evicted, the CasperSafe orb will remain "armed".
  • FIXED: CasperSafe does not currently save its linked rental unit to the server, which means any rental unit association will be lost when the unit is updated or reset.

IMPORTANT: While this issue has been fixed, it will still lose the data during the update from earlier versions to v1.08. This is because the older versions didn't store this setting with the server. All future updates should be smooth, however.

v1.07 - 2016-07-25

  • Bugfix: The CasperLet link was not correctly communicating managers and subtenants.


Server-side fixes only

Some changes to CasperSafe today:

  • BUGFIX: If you have more than one area with the same name, avatars were being left "stuck" as currently visiting
  • BUGFIX: If you're already logged in to the site and you follow a link from the orb, it would log you out and log you in as a guest user, even if the user you're logged into has the correct avatar added
  • Added Spanish and Portuguese languages

v1.06 - 2016-07-19

  • Bugfix: Under some situations, the orb might report an avatar has "left" an area when they entered a region, despite not having entered that area.
  • By popular request, you can now ride the upgradebee. Thanks to RageGrey and Pips Fetid for the animations!

v1.05 - 2016-07-18

  • Bugfix: If someone has a large number of admins/subadmins, the orb sometimes failed to start properly after a reset due to hitting the linked message limit. Fixed by disabling the admin notifications during signin.

v1.04 - 2016-07-14

  • Bugfix: Temporary guests were not being removed correctly when they leave the region.
  • Bugfix: LOCKDOWN mode was not being deactivated as it should be when all admins, subadmins and guests had left the region.
  • Bugfix: The "your orb is up to date" message was not being delivered.
  • Debug: Added some debugging information to help us chase cases of visitors being recorded more than once, or never disappearing once they have left the region.
  • Lockdown mode will now ALWAYS have a warning time of 10 seconds, regardless of the warning time setting.
  • The warning time setting now has an enforced minimum of 20 seconds (ignored in lockdown mode).

v1.03 - 2016-07-11

  • Re-release of v1.02 (v1.02 was a bad release, and didn't contain the advertised features)

v1.02 - 2016-07-11

  • SubAdmins can no longer access the OPTIONS menu on the orb
  • SubAdmins can no longer view sales data on the visitor tracker
  • There's a notecard in the crate which you can drop into the orb to disable texture changes

v1.01 - 2016-07-10

  • Fixed a bug where managers / tenants weren't removed correctly when unpaired from a rental unit
  • Fixed an issue with the UpgradeBee failing to update multiple units.
  • Included a optional (open source) plugin which can be dropped into your orb to send IMs to admins/subadmins rather than region messages
  • Fixed an issue with a "banned immediately" message being sent when the user is warned instead
  • Added No-Fly detection

v1.0 - 2016-07-09

We are very proud and excited to finally be able to announce the availability of CasperSafe.

CasperSafe is a high-tech security and visitor tracking system. It's been in development for two years - we've spent a long time making it perfect for you!

It's also the first product that uses our brand new CasperPanel control panel, which will be the future home of all of our services!