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Manage Rental Units

Sometimes landlords will need to lock or reserve rental units. This section details these options.

If what you need isn't covered here, try the unit customisation page instead.

Locking An Individual Unit

  1. Log in to the CasperLet website.
  2. Inworld, click the individual unit you wish to lock, and let it take you to its own configuration page.
  3. Under "Lock", change to "Yes" (click the "change" link on that line)

If you wish to also prevent ANY payments, then right under "lock" is the "accept payments" option - change that to "no" prevent anyone from paying on the existing rental.

Locking Units by Bulk Operations

  1. Log in to CasperLet website.
  2. Under Units, tick/check the boxes for the units you want to lock
  3. At the top of the "bulk options" section is a series of buttons.
  4. Click the buttons as needed to lock, and/or turn off "accept payments".
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click the "Update Selected" button.

Reserving Rental Units

  1. Click the rental unit
  2. Select "Config" from the popup menu
  3. Let it take you to the CasperLet site - you should arrive at the unit's configuration page
  4. Look for the Reserved line (4th line down as of September 2014)
  5. Enter the avatar's account name (not display name) and click "ok"
  6. Text will change to show that it's reserved for that specific avatar

Cancelling a reservation

To cancel an existing unit reservation, just look for the "Reserved" line and click "Cancel Reservation" next to the avatar's account name.

About Auto-Evict

"Auto-Evict after ____ hours" refers to the length of time to wait after the rent is already in arrears, before evicting the current tenant(s).

Floating Text On or Off

Floating/hover text is turned off by default on all rental units, on account of many people finding floating text to be unsightly. You are always able to enable it at any time, on a per-unit or global/bulk basis.

Just remember to his "save" when you add or remove the floating text.

When the unit is UN-rented, and floating text is enabled, the price and prim/impact limits are always shown. When rented, the unit does not show price and prim/impact limits.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q. I can't see units on the page that I know are existing inworld, even though I just used them!
A. You likely have a filter set to show only specific units. Clear the filter, they should pop right up.