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Cautions & Warnings

Stop icon.pngBoth the door and sign objects (and thus their full perm scripts) are provided "As-Is", as a tool for scripters to use, without warranty, guarantee or support. This also means CasperTech is NOT under any obligation to add any new features.

Cautions & Warnings

Info.pngCasper Warden requests that if you use these scripts in a more advanced product and set it up for sale that you let him know, send him a vendor for the final product, and he'll help promote it.

Sample Door Script (Unsupported)

You may informally ask in the CasperTech support group if you get stuck, of course, but remember that that CasperTech will not be adding new features to these scripts - this is why they're open-source and full perm. Chances are there's a scripter in the group who might be willing to help, or you can see if there's a scripter already on your team.

Naturally, you're welcome to use them without restriction. To use them as-is (applies to both door and sign):

  1. Rez a door or sign near a CasperLet unit
  2. Touch/click it
  3. Click the CasperLet unit you want to link the door and/or sign to
  4. Click "Yes" on the popup menu
  5. Now click the CasperLet unit once more to send the most recent data
  6. The door and/or sign should now function as any door and/or sign would, save that it will automatically restrict itself to the current CasperLet tenant when rented.

The door will still work from within a linkset.

Changing Sign Texture

  1. Link the sign to the rental unit.
  2. Customer pays the rental unit to begin a rental.
  3. Customer clicks sign, gets "Please HOLD DOWN CONTROL and drag the texture..." message.
  4. Customer then CTL + drags the proper texture over to the sign.
  5. If customer drags the wrong texture, they need to repeat steps 3 and 4 to change the texture.

If the message on click changes to "This store is available! If you pay the rental meter below..." then the CasperLet system owner needs to fix the sign.

NOTE: The sign reads the UUID of the texure, therefore the tenant needs to actually mark the next owner permissions as copy, modify AND transfer - because while a texture they uploaded is always full perms to themselves, dragging it on to the sign triggers the "next owner" permissions, which are not full perm by default (and thus prevents getting the UUID.)

CasperLet API

See the CasperLet API page for details.