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Landlord Provides Builds for Tenants to Use

Examples of such rental types are as follows:

  • Residential: Prefab house structures with prim/land impact allowance
  • Commercial: Breedable/Gacha rentals
  • Commercial: Shopping mall, event, or club store rentals
  • Commercial: Storage locker rentals

In All Cases You Will Need

  • Rental box or meter
  • Prim counter, to track prims
  • Create a group (or choose an existing group) to deed the land to. Tenants will ALSO need this group to rez

If you want to provide security or have visitor tracking, you will also need

If you want actual group invites automatically sent, you will also need

If you want a kiosk for your customers to browse all available rentals, you will also need

Setting Up Your Rentals


If you have not created your CasperLet account, you will need to do so before you continue.
See ' Creating Your CasperLet Account for details
It would also be helpful for you to decide how many price points you will have in your rentals - doing so will make your setup go more efficiently.

Unpack and Rez

Unpack your CasperLet shipping create.
Choose a rental unit style, and rez one out.
You will get a [[ | debit permissions]] popup, just ignore it *for now*.
Rename the unit according to your chosen naming style for your rentals.
Rename the unit
Click the unit to get the debit perm popup, and grant permissions.

Creating Unit Groups

Setting up your unit

What you will be doing is setting a single unit up for one of your rental price points - this unit can then be picked up, and rezzed as many times as needed for the rentals you have at that price level.
  • Click the unit.
  • Select "Config" from the popup menu.
  • See the [[ | unit setup]] page for details on how to set up the unit.
  • If you have set up unit groups, don't forget to add the appropriate group to the unit now!
  • Once setup is complete, right-click > "take".
  • You now have the completed unit in your inventory.
  • Rez that copy back out, as many extra times as you need for that price level of your rentals.