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Landlord Provides Builds for Tenants

Examples of such rental types are as follows:

  • Residential: Prefab house structures with prim/land impact allowance
  • Commercial: Breedable/Gacha rentals
  • Commercial: Shopping mall, event, roleplay sim/region or club store rentals
  • Commercial: Storage locker rentals

In All Cases You Will Need

If you want security and/or visitor tracking

You will also need: CasperSafe

If you want automatic group invites

You will also need: A bot for your group - Smartbots is the simplest to set up for new users.

If you want a kiosk for your customers

You will also need: Web Kiosk Expansion

Organize Your Rental Layout

Tenants will take their cues about where they can rez from the design of your rentals.
If you are renting houses, then tenants will (usually) assume they can rez inside the structure.
If you are renting small mall spots, like gacha tables or spaces for sellers of breedables, your tenants need to be able to see where they can rez, so you need to rez out tables or booths or whatever you want them to rez in.

Setting up your rental units

See the page on setting up your first rental units