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<ul><li>'''[[CasperLet_Web_Kiosk_Expansion | Web Kiosk Expansion]]'''</li></ul>
<ul><li>'''[[CasperLet_Web_Kiosk_Expansion | Web Kiosk Expansion]]'''</li></ul>
= '''<span style="color:#00528c">Setting Up Your Rentals</span>''' =

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Landlord Provides Builds for Tenants to Use

Examples of such rental types are as follows:

  • Residential: Prefab house structures with prim/land impact allowance
  • Commercial: Breedable/Gacha rentals
  • Commercial: Shopping mall, event, or club store rentals
  • Commercial: Storage locker rentals

In All Cases You Will Need

  • Rental box or meter
  • Prim counter, to track prims
  • Create a group (or choose an existing group) to deed the land to. Tenants will ALSO need this group to rez

If you want to provide security or have visitor tracking, you will also need

If you want actual group invites automatically sent, you will also need

If you want a kiosk for your customers to browse all available rentals, you will also need

Setting Up Your Rentals