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:: You will also need: '''[[CasperLet_Web_Kiosk_Expansion | Web Kiosk Expansion]]'''
:: You will also need: '''[[CasperLet_Web_Kiosk_Expansion | Web Kiosk Expansion]]'''
= '''<span style="color:#00528c">Setting Up Your First Rental Unit</span>''' =
== Pre-Setup ==
: If you have not created your CasperLet account, you will need to do so before you continue.
: See the page on '''[[Passwords_CasperLet | Creating Your CasperLet Account]]''' for details.
: It would also be helpful for you to decide how many rental sizes you will have - doing so will make your setup go more efficiently.
== Unpack and Rez ==
<ul><li> Unpack your CasperLet shipping create.</li>
<li> Choose a rental unit style, and rez one out. </li>
<li> You will get a '''[[Debit_Permissions | debit permissions]]''' popup, just ignore it *for now*. </li>
<li> '''[[CasperLet/Customisation | Rename the unit]]''' according to your chosen naming style for your rentals. </li>
<li> Click the unit to get the debit perm popup, and grant permissions.</li>
<li> Check the website and be sure the name change was picked up. <li>
<li> If it wasn't, click the inworld unit for the popup menu. </li>
<li> Then hit "reset" from the menu. </li>
== Do you want to customise your units? ==
: If you are doing completely customised rental units (new object as well as new textures), you'll need the information on both of these pages:
<li> '''[[CasperLet/Customisation | Rental unit customisation]]'''</li>
<li> '''[[CasperLet/API | CasperLet's API, for scripters]]'''
: If you ONLY want to customise the textures, then you just need this section:
<li> '''[[CasperLet/Customisation#Customising_Existing_Textures | Customising existing textures]]'''</li>
: If you want to keep textures changing automatically, there are keys that need to stay in the description field:
<li> '''[[CasperLet/Customisation#Showing_Rental_State_Changes_Automatically | How to PROPERLY edit the description field]]'''</li>
== Creating Unit Groups ==
: If you wish to create groups to organize your rental units into, you may do so at this point.
: Simply log in to your CasperLet account, and use the instructions on the '''[[CasperLet/Unit Groups | Unit Groups]]''' page.
== Setting Up Your Rental Units ==
: What you will be doing is setting a single unit up for '''ONE''' of your rental sizes to start with - this unit can then be picked up, and rezzed as many times as needed to handle all the rentals you have at that size.
<li> Click the unit.</li>
<li> Select "Config" from the popup menu.</li>
<li> Configure the various options - remember to hit "ok" or "save" after each change.
<li> See the '''[[CasperLet/Unit_Setup | Unit configuration]]''' page to know about the configuration options.</li> 
<li> If you have set up unit groups, don't forget to add the appropriate group to the unit now!</li>
<li> Once setup is complete, right-click > "take" (or "take a copy".)</li>
<li> You now have the completed unit in your inventory.</li> 
= '''<span style="color:#00528c">Additional and/or Different Rental Sizes</span>''' =
= '''<span style="color:#00528c">Additional and/or Different Rental Sizes</span>''' =

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Landlord Provides Builds for Tenants

Examples of such rental types are as follows:

  • Residential: Prefab house structures with prim/land impact allowance
  • Commercial: Breedable/Gacha rentals
  • Commercial: Shopping mall, event, roleplay sim/region or club store rentals
  • Commercial: Storage locker rentals

In All Cases You Will Need

If you want security and/or visitor tracking

You will also need: CasperSafe

If you want automatic group invites

You will also need: A bot for your group - Smartbots is the simplest to set up for new users.

If you want a kiosk for your customers

You will also need: Web Kiosk Expansion

Additional and/or Different Rental Sizes

I need more than one with these settings, now what?

  • Rez the unit out that you just picked up.
  • Rez as many more copies as you need to handle the rentals at that rental size.

But I have different sizes of rentals in my business!

Then you will need to repeat this process with ONE (1) unit, PER rental size you plan to have.
For example, if a shopping mall has 3 different rentals (such as 2 sizes of shops and 1 size of mall cart), you will be repeating the unit setup process a total of 3 times, with one unit each time, and then copying that unit to all the other rentals of that size.