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<ul><li> Unpack your CasperLet shipping create.</li>
<ul><li> Unpack your CasperLet shipping create.</li>
<li> Choose a rental unit style, and rez one out. </li>
<li> Choose a rental unit style, and rez one out. </li>
=== Choosing a Rental Unit Style ===
=== Choosing a Rental Unit Style ===

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Setting Up Your First Rental Unit


If you have not created your CasperLet account, you will need to do so before you continue.
See Creating Your CasperLet Account for details
It would also be helpful for you to decide how many rental sizes you will have - doing so will make your setup go more efficiently.

Do You Want to Customise Your Units?

If you are doing completely customised rental units (new object as well as new textures), you'll need the information on both of these pages:
If you ONLY want to customise the textures, then you just need this section:
Don't forget to PROPERLY edit the description field if you want to keep textures changing automatically:

Choosing A Standard Rental Unit

Unpack the Crate

  • Unpack your CasperLet shipping create.
  • Choose a rental unit style, and rez one out.

Choosing a Rental Unit Style

--- The normal (configurable) rental units are: CasperLet Rental Box CasperLet Rental Meter Mesh (This will have a grey-on-white base) CasperLet Rental Meter (This has a white-on-black base, but is made of prims instead of mesh)

These items are "dumb terminal" RELAY UNITS only - these cannot be used alone, but must be paired with one of the above units: CasperLet SLAVE box CasperLet SLAVE meter (This will have a white-on-black base and is also made of prims instead of mesh)

Configure Your Chosen Rental Unit

  • You will get a debit permissions popup, just ignore it *for now*.
  • Rename the unit according to your chosen naming style for your rentals.
  • Click the unit to get the debit perm popup, and grant permissions.
  • Check the website and be sure the name change was picked up.
  • If it wasn't, click the inworld unit for the popup menu.
  • Then hit "reset" from the menu.
  • Groups & Setting Up

    Creating Unit Groups

    If you wish to create groups to organize your rental units into, you may do so at this point.
    Simply log in to your CasperLet account, and use the instructions on the Unit Groups page.

    Setting Up Your Rental Unit

    What you will be doing is setting a single unit up for ONE of your rental sizes to start with - this unit can then be picked up, and rezzed as many times as needed to handle all the rentals you have at that size.
    • Click the unit.
    • Select "Config" from the popup menu.
    • See the unit configuration page page for details on how to set up the unit.
    • If you have set up unit groups, don't forget to add the appropriate group to the unit now!
    • Once setup is complete, right-click > "take" (or "take a copy".)
    • You now have the completed unit in your inventory.

    Additional and/or Different Rental Sizes

    I need more than one with these settings, now what?

    • Rez the unit out that you just picked up.
    • Rez as many more copies as you need to handle the rentals at that rental size.

    But I have different sizes of rentals in my business!

    Then you will need to repeat this process with ONE (1) unit, PER rental size you plan to have.
    For example, if a shopping mall has 3 different rentals (such as 2 sizes of shops and 1 size of mall cart), you will be repeating the unit setup process a total of 3 times, with one unit each time, and then copying that unit to all the other rentals of that size.