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Clearing Off Deleted Units

If you have manually Edit > Deleted a rental unit from inworld without using the popup "delete" option (or if they were sent back to your "Lost & Found" accidentally), it will be normal to see units still on your list that no longer exist.

There are two ways to fix this:

1) Rez a CasperLet "Units" UpgradeBee - version 1.52r2 or higher - and use the "Check" function from the popup menu. This must be done on EACH sim/region that the units were rezzed on. If you no longer have rez rights on the region, but the region is still accessible to you, then you can WEAR the UpgradeBee and use it that way.
2) Go into "Units" tab, tick the boxes for each rental unit that shouldn't be there, then select "Delete".

Why Do Rental Units Drop Off The List?

They drop off the list due to bad communication issues between Casper's servers and the SL grid. The "HTTP-IN" problem - as Casper explained here - is the reason they drop off. When Casper's servers cannot CURRENTLY contact one or more rental units, and a website scan was run, then naturally it remove any and all units that it cannot get communication from.

HTTP-OUT is working much more reliably - this is why a rental unit will pop back ON the list when it is used, and why simply not seeing a unit in the website list, does not impact their functionality inworld.

After a sim/region has been restarted - such as on weekly "rolling restart" days - it takes time for all vendors and/or rental units to communicate with the website and provide their new URL. For this reason, if you run a scan soon after the sim/region is restarted, it is highly likely - and expected - that you will see large numbers of vendors or rental units drop off the website list, because they haven't contacted Casper's servers to provide their new contact URL yet.

Why is There No Website Scan?

There is no ETA for it returning because there were too many people trying to use it to bring units back to the list. That is not something it was ever designed to do - it was only ever designed to clear non-responding units OFF the list.

Units can still be managed from inworld - just click the unit, select "config", and let it take you to the CasperLet website and log in.