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Welcome to 2.70!

Version 2.70 is the first vendor script update we've released in some time, and there are some major changes that you need to be aware of.

The full list of changes is available in the Changelog, but the most important things are:

  • Dropboxes will now request debit permissions. This is to aid delivery reliability, particularly with event vendors.
  • Vendors will now immediately refund payments if they're still processing a previous payment. This will massively increase reliability and throughput at busy events. See the Changelog for more information.
  • Any outgoing payments made with v2.70 objects will now display the link to the transaction in your Second Life Transaction history. This will help both the sender and receiver of the payment to identify which transaction it belongs to.
  • To ensure that the update goes smoothly, we have changed the way that UpgradeBees find vendors. The first time around, they might find a LOT of vendors which may have been previously deleted. For this reason, you MUST run the bee in "Check All" mode first before doing the update. The bee will force you to do this if nobody else has done it on your region.

How to update?

1. Get the latest UpgradeBee. There are a few ways to do this, but we recommend grabbing a redelivery to ensure that everything you have is the latest version.

2. Rez the MAIN VENDORS ONLY bee, and touch it. It may tell you that you have to do a "Check All" scan first. If so, choose Check All. Otherwise, choose "Run Update"

3. If doing a "Check All" scan, you may leave the region. Otherwise, you must remain on the region to accept Debit Permission dialogs.

4. If you had to run a "Check All" scan, then touch the bee again and choose "Run Update".

5. Wait for and grant the permission dialogs that you receive. STAY SAFE - ALWAYS make sure the dialogs are coming from your own vendors so that you don't accidentally grant permissions to someone else.

6. Once the MAIN VENDORS ONLY bee has FINISHED, Rez the DROPBOXES ONLY bee, touch it, and choose "Run Update".

7. You now need to grant debit permissions to your dropboxes as well.

Event Vendors

Because Event Vendors can't receive communications (it's one of the things removed to keep them stable on busy regions), they can't be updated with a bee. You'll need to swap out the script inside the vendor with the new one provided in the crate.